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This is unheard of for me...

A Dark Lure - Loreth Anne White Robin Hood: Sheriff Got Your Tongue? (Episode 2) - Richard Armitage, BBC Audiobooks The Redemption of a Rogue (Dark Regency Book 2) - Chasity Bowlin High-Rise - J.G. Ballard, Tom Hiddleston Night Manager - John le Carré Deadly Night - Heather Graham
— feeling what?!?

To have this many on-going books at one time. I just can't seem to get into anything lately, and it's driving me crazy. I used to be able to knock out three or four books in a week easily, but now...I'm in a hell of a slump.


Ok, to be fair, I just started A Dark Lure earlier today, and that one seems to be going well. That was my first Kindle First choice, btw.


And I listen to the Armitage audiobook (Robin Hood) during my brief morning drive to work, and High-Rise when I play Flow Free on my kindle, so that's why those are taking a bit of time.


The Night Manager may eventually have to be DNF'd, though, and I have never in my life done that, and I'm just over 60% done, so I hate to give up now. (Pardon that horrendous run-on sentence.)


I think part of the issue may be that my eyes have decided to age on me in a big fickin' hurry. I'm having trouble seeing small print now...it's blurry as hell. I have an appointment for the 1st of July to get an eye exam, and in the meantime have been mostly relying on my kindle (yay for being able to enlarge the font), audiobooks, a couple large print books I'd bought from Better World Books (didn't realize they were large print when I purchased them), and a pair of non-prescription reading glasses I bought at walmart.


I'm hoping once I get some proper glasses my urge to read will return full force. My urge to buy books has never left me, btw. Heh.