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Wow...have I finally arrived?

After seven years on Goodreads, I got my first message from an author asking me to review their book. They said they saw one of my reviews for another book in the same genre and found it intelligent (a review of a book I hated, btw, and which I felt my review  was rather ranty) and wanted to know if I'd be interested in reading and reviewing their book if provided with a copy.


I haven't replied back yet, because all sorts of alarm bells are going off for me. I don't usually** prefer to interact that closely with authors, especially if being asked for a review. And all the horror stories about Badly Behaving Authors do not help at all.


The book only has a couple ratings/reviews on amazon and none on GR--though to be fair, it hasn't been out that long--and that's making me leery, too.


So, I guess I'm asking for advice. Help?


**I am friends/mutual followers with a couple authors at GR and Twitter, but even then, my level of interaction with them in pretty much nonexistent.