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The Escape

The Escape - Mary Balogh

I really, really enjoy this series, and as I read each new book, I tend to think it's my favorite.

That hasn't changed with this one. This was a very sweet, low angst book. It does not feature a rogue or a rake in need of taming, and our heroine is not a wide eyed innocent making increasingly bad decisions and therefore needing to be rescued by our hero.

No...what we have here instead are two people affected by war--Ben, who was horribly injured, and Samantha who nursed her unfaithful husband after he was injured, and since his passing has suffered emotionally at the hands of his very, very proper family. Through a chance meeting under probably not the best circumstances, Ben and Samantha develop a friendship, and when Samantha decides to take control of her life, and escape to a cottage on the coast of Wales, which was left to her by her aunt, Ben accompanies her on the trip.

It was such a treat to watch the pair go from friends to lovers to in love over the course of the road trip, and at the cottage in Wales.

Cannot wait to start the next in the series!