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A Demon and his Witch

A Demon and His Witch - Eve Langlais

I really do not like the cover that shows on Booklikes. The one I got when I downloaded the kindle version is slightly better.




Was not at all sure about this book when I first began it, because Remy's constant sexual comments/innuendo grew really old really quickly. Like really grating. I almost abandoned it as not for me, but pressed on. I'm glad I did, because once Ysabel and Remy started developing feelings for each other, the story really improved. And I enjoyed the author's version of Hell.

The characters were fun (especially Lucifer and Jallayna), and when it didn't try too hard, the story was pretty funny. Yet, it could also get somewhat dark at times (especially when dealing with what happened to Ysabel 500 years ago).

Would definitely consider reading more by this author